Entrepreneur Success Journal

Entrepreneur Success Journal

The Entrepreneur Success Journal is the world's first discbound journal designed specifically for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Success Journal uses a holistic approach, combining reflection with strategic goal setting to help business owners achieve greater levels of success. We use a REFLECT + PLAN + APPLY system to organize our business goals, and cultivate meaningful action. The Entrepreneur Success Journal has reflection exercises, business planning guides, and un-dated monthly calendars with goal tracking sheets so you can track your progress as you work toward accomplishing your business goals.


These are some cool features of The Entrepreneur Success Journal: 

  • Each journal is bound using the Discbound system, designed for ease of use and flexibility. Simply purchase a discbound hole punch from your local craft store to add notes, flyers, resources, or anything you want to enhance your journaling experience! 
  • This journal has a compact, slim design so it can fit in your purse, or briefcase, and is small enough to carry with you anywhere, anytime. Exact dimensions: 5.5" X 8.5"
  • The front and back covers are laminated and extremely durable, guarding against spills, and everyday wear and tear. The laminated covers are easy to wipe if your journal gets dirty
  • Each inside page is printed on high quality 32lb paper for all of your journaling needs. Journal to your heart's content!


If you're an entreprenur looking for the perfect learning tool to help you organize your business ideas to cultivate meaningful action, The Entrepreneur Success Journal will benefit you! The Entrepreneur Success Journal is for you if: 


  • You've started a business and want a more effective way to organize your goals
  • You want to start a business, but don't know where to begin
  • You have a business idea, but don't know how to put it all together
  • You want a planning tool to use just for your business
  • You've started your business but aren't seeing much success
  • You have so many great ideas that you actually just feel stuck
  • You've tried writing a traditional business plan and it felt too overwhelming


These are some of the comments we've gotten from customers about The Entrepreneur Success Journal:


"This is the perfect planner for entrepreneurs! I'm a business owner and always had a hard time finding a simple planner for my business."


"The quality is great and each page seems thoughtful!"


"Every girl boss needs an entrepreneur success journal. It's like a planner and journal all in one."