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Ep. 75 How to Build a Team & Scale Your Business w/ Attorney Anita Lamar

This week, our solopreneur guest is Anita Lamar. Anita is an attorney based in Atlanta, Georgia, and she’s the owner and founder of Lamar Law Office LLC, a law firm specializing in personal injury. Anita has built her practice from the ground up, starting with less than 20 cases and 1 assistant.

Now she has a team that is managing over 200 personal injury cases for clients in Georgia. In this episode, Anita shares with us business principles that have helped her grow her practice, market her services, build a team, and scale her business. Anita is a true boss, and an inspiration! I was taking notes during this call because she was really dropping gems. I hope you all enjoy this insightful conversation! Connect with Anita here:

Listen to this episode here:

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