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Earn More Work Less: Say Goodbye to Hustling and Say Hello to Freedom

If solopreneurship is leaving you on the verge of burnout, it's time to stop working in your business and start making your business work for you to free up time you need to do more of what you love.


Earn More Work Less is a solopreneur’s guide to building wealth and creating freedom. I wrote this book because I want you to have control of how you spend your time. 


Because when you have control of your time, you have the freedom to:


  • make memories with friends and family without feeling guilty about not doing stuff for your business 

  • travel when you want, where you want

  • do what brings you joy, instead of being bogged down with time consuming work to keep your business afloat


I want you to know what it feels like to make bank without having to trade your time for money. I want you to earn more, while working less, and I wrote this book to help you get started.


It’s time to say goodbye to carrying the responsibility of every aspect of your business on your shoulders, and say hello to time freedom. 


Most of us start businesses to escape the realities of working a 9-5 job. Why spend your time investing in someone else's dream when you can invest in your own?


But for many solopreneurs, their businesses end up creating for them the 9-5 lifestyle they were trying to escape by leaving corporate America in the first place.


You might be able to relate to... 

  • working 24/7, becoming a slave to your business

  • hustling for every dollar you make

  • feeling up to your neck in work each day

  • feeling tired and burnt out trying to keep your business afloat

  • missing out on special moments with family because you're tending to your business

  • feeling guilty about taking time away from your business

Welp, you're not alone. This was my story, and SO many solopreneurs fall victim to hustle culture, overcome by an employee mindset, rather than operating from a CEO mindset. Wearing every hat, trying to be everything your business needs is no way to live, and certainly no way to build a successful business. 

Your business needs your strengths, not your hustle. A smart CEO focuses on finding the best talent, not striving to be the most talented person in the room. 

Refusing to delegate and relinquish control of your business operations is keeping you small. 

The good news is: suffering and wearing yourself out is a choice — it's not apart of the process of building a successful business! 


It gets better: you can choose to learn sustainable business growth strategies that will lead you to working less and having more time and money to do what you want to do, rather than what you have to.


Hi, I’m Nia Lewis, a retired hustler and thought leader on a mission to help women step away from hustling, find their strengths & build self-sustaining businesses. If you're overwhelmed with the never-ending responsibilities of running a business, I know exactly what you're going through, which is why I wrote Earn More Work Less to help you:

  • Create Optimized Systems: turn every repetitive task into an optimized system that adds efficiency to your business

  • Work Smart, Work to Grow: shift gears, strategize, and work in a smarter way to grow way beyond the typical day-to-day hustling trap 

  • Manage Time: create an optimized schedule that helps you to get more done in less time, leaving you available time to do what you’re passionate about

  • Focus on Core Strengths: focus on what you are good at and delegate what you don’t need to handle directly so that you get better results, make more money, and spend less time running after every task

  • Create a Unique Edge: identify your unique edge and build a value proposition around it to attract an exclusive and engaged clientele that pays more for what you have to offer

  • Be Smart About Making Money: design passive income streams that don’t rely on exchanging your time for service payments

  • Keep Burnout At Bay: create a streamlined working routine that is productive, well-organized, profitable and sustainable, leaving you room to breathe and enjoy life


EARN MORE WORK LESS is the business growth guide every solopreneur needs to stop hustling and start enjoying a life of freedom.


Choose to free yourself from a system that doesn’t work. Bootstrapping your business on your own is not the secret to building wealth! Embrace an approach that will give you the freedom and income you need.


Unsustainable business practices are creating a crushing workload that's preventing you from getting closer to where you want to be — where you deserve to be. 


Let's go further, together! 

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