I help solopreneurs find the clarity and focus that's necessary to accomplish business goals. I provide the guidance, support, and accountability you need to take your business from where it is today, to where you want it to be. Through coaching, I help you find roadblocks that are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential. Sometimes, it takes just a conversation to help you discover what you need to do to take your vision, idea, or business to the next level. 
Let's discuss your business goals, and what may be holding you back from getting the results you desire. We will work together to put a strategy into place to help you grow your business. 

"Great to work with Nia! Good communicator, quick grasp of issues and problems, highly professional, always willing to listen and to transfer into action right away. It was a very pleasant and satisfying experience to cooperate with such an accomplished professional. She definitely delivers in time and highly cost-effective."
- Dr. Goetz Schuerholz
  • A PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE: Our time together is tailored to your needs. I meet you where you are, and work with you based on your specific goals.
  • PRIVATE TUTORIALS AND TRAINING: During our scheduled sessions I am happy to provide tutorials for you in what I am knowledgeable about. I can help you with brand development, website design, social media marketing, content creation, and copyrighting. I'm also a podcaster, and an educator. I host webinars, and create online content. I can advise in any of these areas. 
  • UNLIMITED FEEDBACK AND AUDITS: During our calls, I will review anything related to your business that you would like some feedback on, from social media content, to your website. Sometimes it's helpful to get a professional opinion about your ideas, products, or content before releasing it to the public. 
The only thing standing between you and success is your own mindset. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, I look forward to working with you.
"I would definitely recommend Nia to anyone interested in her services. She’s very professional and sweet . My confidence in writing my journal went for a solid 3 lol to a 10. She was extremely helpful and managed to help me get my thoughts organized. Being a nursing student, I know the importance of letting someone talk and being a listener. Nia did just that . She never tried to talk over me and listened to my ideas and gave her own without seeming overpowering. She’s very encouraging and honest."
                                                                                - Jehr Dotson