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Hi! I’m Nia Lewis, creator and host of The Solopreneur Hustle podcast. I started The Solopreneur Hustle in 2019 to create a safe space for women of color in entrepreneurship to connect, share resources, and support one another.


My top priority though The Solopreneur Hustle is to share educational resources that empower boss women to build sustainable businesses that are designed for growth.


One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome in my entrepreneurial journey has been learning how to hustle to grow my business, instead of hustling only to maintain my business. Let me explain. Two years into building my first business I had clients and consistent income, but deep down inside I was so unhappy. I was overworked and overwhelmed. I didn’t want working 50+ hours a week to be my story forever, even if I was working for myself.

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Nia Lewis, 


Many solopreneurs experience becoming stagnant; working every day just to take care of the customers we have, without any long-term strategy for growth in sight. If we work everyday just to keep our business afloat, we never give ourselves time to work on systems that allow us to continue to generate income if we can’t work. I knew I had to improve how I operated my business when I realized nothing could run without me in the driver's seat.

It was in these early stages of business development that I made the most mistakes and learned the most valuable lessons. It was also in these early stages that I broke free from overwhelm, and developed strategies that have helped me scale my company.

The solopreneurial experience is one that’s often overlooked. Every business starts somewhere, and most companies start as businesses of one. Solopreneurship is powerful because when you are a business of one, you’re forced to learn how your company operates from the inside out. These seasons are challenging but valuable in the long run. If we know how everything needs to run, we have better insight about who to eventually hire to complete tasks better than we can. One of the best pieces of business advice I’ve gotten has been this: learn how to do the job, and then hire someone who can do it better than you can.

I created The Solopreneur Hustle to bring transparency to what it's really like building a business from the ground up, when you start as a company of one.

I’m passionate about educating by magnifying the voices of boss women. Through guest interviews, The Solopreneur Hustle community has the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other solopreneurs.


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There are 3 principles that guide everything we share about SOLOPRENEURSHIP


I’m tired of seeing thriving businesses bite the dust because they're not built to last. Have you ever seen one of your favorite neighborhood businesses close its doors because the owner got sick, or passed away, or couldn't run the business anymore for whatever reason? If more businesses in our communities implemented sustainable business practices, more companies could be passed down generation to generation. In order for entrepreneurship to create generational wealth, we have to implement sustainable business practices. I’m passionate about empowering boss women to build companies that can survive long-term.


Many boss women fall into the trap of hustling, for decades, to maintain the business they have, rather than hustling to grow and scale. I empower solopreneurs to build businesses designed for growth.

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For a long time I thought I had to be everything my business needed. Now I know my business needs only my strengths. Being tired and overwhelmed isn’t cute. I’m committed to reframing what it means to build a team, showing solopreneurs that even when you’re a business of one, you should be using your strengths to work on things that best serve your business. Business growth happens at the sweet spot between implementing the right systems and hiring the right team. 

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