Through The Solopreneur Hustle, I’m magnifying the voices of women of color in entrepreneurship. 

- Nia Lewis 

My name is Nia Lewis. I'm a business coach, content creator, and educator. I help women of color build profitable, sustainable, scalable businesses.  When I started my first business I had a difficult time connecting with women that looked like me in the solopreneur space. This made my life as a solo business owner feel lonely and discouraging, because I felt like I had no one to talk to that could relate to the obstacles I faced as a woman of color in entrepreneurship. 

Some of the most influential businesses in the U.S. are owned by women of color, however, we continue to fight to overcome obstacles that limit our success and growth, such as racial and gender bias, limited access to capitol, or feeling discouraged due to lack of representation in White male dominated industries. When I started my business I experienced many of these challenges.

I created The Solopreneur Hustle to change this narrative for women of colorThe Solopreneur Hustle Podcast is dedicated to helping women of color overcome barriers to success in entrepreneurship. I’m on a mission to create a safe space for boss women to connect, and share helpful resources.  My goal is to help solopreneurs maintain balanced and fulfilling lives wherever they are in the development of their businesses. 


The Solopreneur Hustle community is all about transparency. When we are vulnerable and open about our experiences in business, we give other women the opportunity to see that while our lives and businesses are so different, many of our experiences are just the same. Seeing that another boss woman was able to fall down, get up, and make her dreams a reality despite adversity is so powerful.  Seeing that it’s possible to start with nothing and create something successful is what inspires those who are feeling discouraged to press on. For too long our accomplishments in business have been overlooked. Through The Solopreneur Hustle, I’m magnifying the voices of successful women of color in entrepreneurship. 

Join me in my quest to close the entrepreneurial race and gender gap for women of color by listening to The Solopreneur Hustle podcast, and sharing an episode with a boss woman in your life!